Overrated / Underrated NFL Teams Ranked Going into Week Seven 2016

Each week, Pro Computer Gambler ranks NFL Teams as ‘Overrated’ or ‘Underrated’ and we suggest considering wager on underrated teams, but mostly suggest avoiding betting our ‘overrated’ teams. Please tell us what you think about our ‘NFL Teams Ranked’ weekly column!

Overrated NFL Teams Ranked:

*Buffalo Bills (4-2) – Overrated. Never thought I’d be saying the Bills are overrated when I look back at their shitty team history, but they’re road favorites here over another team I find underrated. A very huge 70%+ of the public bets are on the 4-1 Bills as road favorites against the 2-4 Miami Dolphins.
Probably the biggest thing…maybe more than their inaccurate record….is that game where they knocked off the New England Patriots AT New England. They didn’t just win, they shut the Pats out 16-0. The Pats are an ungodly 119-23 SU (83.8% +10.75 ppg) at home in the Brady / Belichick era. So for a team to go into the Pat’s house and beat em impresses everyone let alone shutting them out (which, by the way was the ONLY single time that has EVER happened in the BB/TB Pat’s era). And sure you could say, well Bill Belichick has done fine other times when he was short a super key player. He’s great like that, but let’s not forget that Brady was suspended and then his backup had a shoulder injury and some guy named Jacoby Brissett came in at QB and couldn’t put up a single point. The Pats defense did their thing; 16 pts is totally reasonable to allow.
So anyways, the Bills are my big overrated team of the week. I could go on….to be clear, I don’t hate the Bills or anything; I’ll always be a fan, but in this game, I have to put that stuff over to the side….we’re just talking about public perception of team RIGHT NOW at this very moment. Next up…
*Oakland Raiders (4-2) – Overrated. Jack Del Rio has always seemed like such a teary eyed bipolar guy to me. When things are up, he’s like this guy: https://youtu.be/tVj0ZTS4WF4?t=31s (a deranged friend sent me that I swear). When things get bleak he’s always welled up like a bitch. That aside, I have respect for all NFL coaches in general so I’m just sorta messing with ole Jackie boy there.
Anyways, last week, everyone loved the Raiders and so we took KC pk at a Top Play and they crushed the Raiders. I guess people think is was a fluke rather than accepting that the Raiders had so many key crucial completely, unquestionably lucky moments in wins such at the one against the Chargers where, with 3 minutes left, the Chargers had a 61% chance to win it (ESPN live game meter thingy) and then fumble on an 18 yards field goal attempt.
Others: New England -7 in Pittsburgh (most bet on team of the week), Atlanta Falcons -7 vs. Chargers, andSeattle Seahawks +1 public favored (65% of bets) road dog @ Arizona sitting at 4-1, but with the #1 easiest strength of schedule in the entire league (note: only team they lost too were the LA Rams who I’m calling “underrated this week”)

Underrated NFL Teams Ranked:

*New York Jets (1-5) – Underrated — Not a fan of either of the Ryan brothers (Rex>Rob), but I’ve always loved the scrappy and so often underrated Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets are a team I haven’t really watched for whatever reason so far this season; I’ve tuned in and out of their games and watched little recaps and I seriously thought they were plus .500. I’m totally shocked for some reason to see them at 1-5. The public hates them at home favoring the road dog by a landslide of bets….a team (Baltimore) that has failed me twice. I still think Baltimore is a good team, but you can only attribute not being above .500 so much to bad referee calls….although, to be fair, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone get skrewed by the refs more than Harbaugh….for years now. But that’s what makes him great to me: he still is a winner and the refs seriously seem to hate him.
*Miami Dolphins (2-4) – Underrated — Anyways, AFC East teams (minus NE) are usually undervalued by default after about 4 games into the season for years now just because they have to play in the same division as the NE Patriots. It would be interesting to see how different Miami, Buffalo and NY Jet’s records would be since 2000 subtracting out the games where they played New England. If I remember, I’ll maybe tweet that trivia later. I’m running a little late here. With that said, maybe the Bills aren’t THAT overrated, but I’m going to stick with my convictions there anyways as this week the public is so heavy on the Bills and they’re favorites. So underrated meets overrated this week….
Others: 3-3 LA RAMS +3 vs. the Giants — Odell Beckham Jr. might be my personal favorite WR in the league and he’s got a hip injury here. That’s huge for the Giants. Rams were within 3 points to the Lions last week, they had things tied with Buffalo, but LA’s crappy qb botched things, other than that, they beat Arizona, Tampa and Seattle (9-3 win….hell of a defense limiting Hawks to 3 points). — The 2-4 San Diego Chargers – underrated as well. Rivers is one of the best and special teams just shot em in the foot like I was saying before. Lots of bad luck, but hanging in strong….
Stay tuned next week for another list of ranked NFL teams as you see here…

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