Overrated / Underrated NFL Teams Ranked Going into Week Five 2016


Each week, Pro Computer Gambler has NFL Teams Ranked as ‘Overrated’ or ‘Underrated’ and we suggest considering wager on underrated teams, but mostly suggest avoiding betting our ‘overrated’ teams. Hopefully this list of NFL Teams Ranked will help you in week five!

Overrated NFL Teams Ranked:

*Philly Eagles – Overrated NFL Team: They’re in the top 10 power ratings, but have had THE #1 easiest strength of schedule so far this season.
*Dallas Cowboys – Overrated NFL Team: Usually the case for ‘America’s Team’ — I only really like them in the heart of the season when you have Romo in as a dog backed into a corner. Not as a pickem over Cincinatti. Consider the Bengals this week…
*Indianapolis Colts Overrated NFL Team: I saw the -4 spread for this week and my eyes lit up. When I put down good money with conviction and a team lets me down, more often than not, that team has problems; last week. Forget who the Colts are as a team for now and just consider the idea that they lost as -2 pt favs to the Jax Jags in the UK and are flying back flat and are supposed to inspire a home crowd as 5 point favorites. Over 60% of the public thinks they can do it. I’m with the Bears.
*Oakland Raiders — Overrated NFL Team: sitting at 3-1, the public loves the Raiders this week backing them with almost 60% of the bets. San Diego lost a bullshit game against my boy Drew Brees last week. If you ever want to say a game was handed to a team, go back and look at the highlights. People are down on the Chargers; let’s buy low and sell high this week…

Underrated NFL Teams Ranked:

*Carolina Panthers – Underrated NFL Team — although there is no line out, I’ll definately have my eye on the Panthers for Monday if Cam Newton is out and the Panthers are dogs or very small favs. People quickly forget the teams are not just their QB. We’ll see how it goes…Panthers are 1-3 but have had the second most difficult schedule this season.
*Miami Dolphis – Underrated NFL Team –– I actually really like the Tennessee Titans this week so I won’t touch this game; however, the Dolphins are backed by smart money as the public is heavily siding against them and with the road dog and the line went from -3.5 to -4. Smells like a bit of a trap to bet against the 1-3 Dolphins who have had the #1 most difficult schedule so far this season.
*New York Jets — Underrated NFL Team — 7 point dogs this week with a 1-3 record against a team riding high off of a blowout win. This one will be closer than most people think imo. On the other hand, I have a lot of admiration for the Steelers, so I will pass completely on this matchup.
Stay tuned next week for another list of NFL team ranked as such…

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