Perfect 3-0 So Far with Two Large Upsets

(Email sent on 11/12/2015)

“Thoughts: Last week was another good week; lost on the Miami top play, but went 3-0 on the rest for roughly 2% gain. Betting for the new Miami coach was a good move that I’d do again. This time the candidate made a very bad call early on to go for it on 4th down instead of rewarding his team for a 90 yard drive with a field goal. The team seemed deflated after that botched call plus stopping at 4th and goal pumped Buffalo up beyond belief. Stupid decision.

In the News:
*Teddy Bridgewater knocked unconcious. Zimmer didn’t shake hands and Fisher denied that it was a dirty play. I see a feud here. Keep that angle in mind next time the team face each other…Vilma: “Ex-Saints coach Gregg Williams deserves ‘dirty’ reputation”

*Greg Hardy Was Arrested For Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend – were there this many scandals in the past? Are they increasing or is the media covering them more. Not sure…

*St. Louis has been causing trouble. Reggie Bush is now suing the City for his season ending injury slipping on the concrete sideline. Sort of reminds me of Donald Trump’s issues with coffee cups…

*Ryan Fitzpatrick is the 1st QB in NFL history to start and win against the same opponent (JAX) for 5 different teams. Gotta love him. I have no idea why the Bills got rid of him…

*Odell Beckham Is Forcing Himself To Become Ambidextrous – This guy is incredible. To make that one catch could have been a fluke but now he’s doing it again and again. According to science, Odell Beckham is a genius: a study was done which said, playing catch with a ball takes more brain power than anything. Next up is human facial recognition…fascinating stuff…

*The Books annihilated the public last week going 5-2 fading the biggest bet on games (all favorites). The dogs were barking!


–Top Plays (1)

11/15/15 4:05PM Minnesota Vikings vs Oakland Raiders
Minnesota Vikings +3
1.5 units Pending…

–Runner Ups (1)

Lions vs Packers
Lions +11 (Runner UP)
1.25 units WINNER!
in Green Bay lasting since 1991

–Rest of the herd (2)

11/15/15 1:00PM Chicago Bears vs St. Louis Rams
Chicago Bears +7.5
1 unit WINNER!
Bears win SU 37-13!

Panthers vs Titans
1 unit WINNER!

Cardinals vs Seahawks
Cardinals +3
1 unit

11/15/15 4:25PM Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos -5.5
1 unit pending

*All Selections are supported by Raw Numbers greater than 1 TDs edge along with Systems and Trends

Lions vs Packers

Going with the big gut twister of the week. Detroit: the least bet on team…Packers -11 is clearly a trap to me having opened at -13 and moved 2 whole points against the grain of a whopping 86% of the public pile on. That alone qualifies Detroit as the play here in my opinion. We’ve got .3 big systems active though and strong raw numbers on Detroit.

It seems very possible that, this week, the Lions expose the Packers as not all that. You’ve got Calvin Johnson coming back in for Detroit and Jordy Nelson out for the Packers. I like the call.

Best System for this one is: Since 1989, road teams off of tight fewer than 6 pt. road losses are a massive 62-22-0 against the spread (73.8%) if they’re seeking revenge in this game (eliminating small favorites and late season games).

Lions are my runner up bet for this week based mostly on value, raw numbers and my opinion that the Packers aren’t what the public thinks they are right now. As always, I could be wrong; I know this one will be a tough one to stomach for many…

Vikings vs Raiders

Bridgewater is back in from the concussion last week. I’ve tailed the Vikings since 2014; nearly on the blind. Without checking, I believe they’ve made more money for me than any other team since Zimmer and Bridgewater came on board who I’ve put a lot of trust in. 17-7-0 ATS since then; 7-1 ATS this season…they’re bigger dogs than all but one of their games this season (+6.5 vs. the Broncos which ended 20-23 [cover]).

Best thing of all in terms of future value with the Vikings: the line hasn’t even moved since the news that the Viking’s key QB is back in. I thought it would move at least to PK when the news came out but it didn’t budge. I’m not sure how the Vikings are still under the radar at this point. Around 60% of the bets are on taking the Raiders which I think is nuts. I’ll take the value here.

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