Post CoVid Sports Break MLB Raw Number Record Update:

I still don’t recommend risking much of your hard earned money on ANY sports right now, but today I had to point out (something that is updated daily on the Raw number page by the way), how decently well the MLB Raw Numbers are doing right now:
Overall, any ‘Basic’, ‘Medium’ or Strong Raw Number play (Sides + Totals) sit at: 138-106 +27.23 units !
Breaking it down….
For Sides, that is:Overall: 67-50 +15.03 units SU
For Totals, that is:Overall: 71-56 +12.20 units
–(Unders 46-36 +8.2 units)–(Overs 25-20 +4.00 units)Note: For whatever reason, I’ve been observing the public going more heavily than usual on Overs. That has been a big factor in why there have been more Unders triggered by the Numbers as they’re usually contrary to the public in general.

That is a whole lot better than I was expecting. One thing we tweaked for this season, as we theorized, stats wouldn’t end up being all the meaningfull this year, even by the end of the shortened and compromised seasons: More than any other time, where we are warning you guys to stay away from betting heavily and stay disciplined: you could be sure that the betting public would be much more (percentage wise) comprised of Average Joes you’d probably do well fading.
Turns out that worked!
Closer to the End of some of these seasons, I’ll try to remember to compile end of season reports on just that: What would all of the sheer, on the blind records be this year blindly betting against the public in a year where betting in general is unadvisable.
For now: The record on that for Sides (because I have it handy and can crunch that out quickly right now) would have been: Filtering out some games where I wasn’t able to log at least 100 public bets total, the record for fading the public on the blind on Sides this season is now at just 81-106 SU but a profit of +12.95 units!
If you filter out samples without at least 2.0 standard score (bets for – bets against / sqrt (total bets) ) which is a standard statistics analysis practice, you get a pretty crazy:  29- 21 +28.29 units
The A’s came close today, but no dice. Passing.



NBAAug 18 9:00 pmBlazers vs Lakers
Lakers -5 for 0.4 units

Raw numbers published.

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