Record 2/7

We had two nice wins for 2/6 Milwaukee and Tex EP added 4 units to the books for us. I hope you guys followed that one I know it kind of got covered up by my big Superbowl post. This is a great way to move on to the SuperBowl. Like I said before not a game to go betting the house on. You have plenty of folks betting this one recreationally, and that is not what we are going to do. 2 units is all that I was to put on this game. Here is a little rule of thumb that I like to follow: if the game is going to be good, then you probably don’t have a good bet on it. The “good” games are often the ones that will throw you a curve.

28-20-2 56% (+33.55 units) +$6,710.00

Early Pick 2/7

Toronto Raptors -8 (3 units)

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