Pretty good day here adding 4 units to the books (+$800.00). 3-0 and only one of those bets was close! Nice….but…

**Just because this was a good day, and I have been doing well does not mean I am on a streak. I’ve been doing this a while guys. If you are betting good money get the idea that you or anyone else is on a streak out of your head. Let’s keep betting within our means. My goal is to provide a consistent upwards winning trend.

Remember, none of this is based on luck although lady luck will have her way now and then. Another goal of mine here is to share my knowledge and some of my methods with you. If you guys have any requests or questions I can try to do a write up on one of those things. Have a nice evening!

23-16-2 56.1% (+32.35 units) +$6,470.00

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