Starting to think about MLB 2010

Hello guys,

I hope that you guys are cash positive. I made a promise to do my best to product more winners than losers, and so far we are successful, and with discipline will remain so. There is nothing wrong with taking a break to prepare for my better seasons which is what I am doing. It should be worth it to prepare for MLB. FYI if you guys are here looking for NBA picks you’re probably at the wrong place. NBA is not my game although if you ask the question I am more than happy to answer.

I have a few strategies, but I am going to hold off on really unleashing them for 2-3 more seasons with NBA. I know. It sounds like a long time to wait, but just have patience, and don’t worry; I will have some MLB for you soon enough. In the meantime, I seem to have found a good little system with NCAA Basketball so I will post what I think are the best plays when they pop up.

I appreciate all of the support in keeping the site going, as always donations are accepted. I also have been loving the feedback that you guys give me. It is always taken into account.

Thanks guys.

Here is a new angle I may take lightly into account with our overs and unders. If you are doing your own capping it is my opinion that this information should be your weakest factor or one of the weaker ones. Also, if anyone has any insight on this data please let me know what you have in mind:

Over Umpires:

1. Eric Cooper 13-6 68.4%
2. Randy Marsh 12-6 66.7%
3. Tim McCelland 12-6 66.7%
4. Laz Diaz 11-6 64.7%
5. Jeff Nelson 10-6 62.5%
6. Jim Reynolds 8-5 61.5%
7. Jerry Meals 11-7 61.1%
7. Dale Scott 11-7 61.1%
7. Lance Barksdale 11-7 61.1%
10. Bruce Dreckman 9-6 60%

Under Umpires

1. Andy Fletcher 3-14 17.6%
2. Scott Barry 5-14 26.3%
3. Brian Runge 5-12 29.4%
3. Brian Gorman 5-12 29.4%
5. Ron Kulpa 3-7 30%
5. John Hirschbeck 6-14 30%
7. Bill Miller 6-13 31.6%
8. Ted Barrett 6-12 33.3%
8. Charlie Reliford 6-12 33.3%
8. James Hoye 7-14 33.3%

Take a look at this source as well:

I actually see some conflicting data so I am going to try and find records for focus umps. Cheers.

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