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PCG Betting Systems: Take Golden State Warriors

Daily PCG Betting Systems  The Heat are 0-11 ATS (-8.68 ppg) since Apr 04, 2014 after a win in which Dwyane Wade did not play. The Wizards are 11-0 ATS (8.82 ppg) as a road dog after a double digit win at home in which more than 69% of their baskets were assisted. The Timberwolves are 11-0 ATS (9.27 ppg) as a ... More

Top Daily Betting Systems for Weds: Utah Jazz

In the News: Government 'needs to use law to tighten loopholes' on live betting Tabcorp chief David Attenborough said the current review of gambling laws should not stop the government immediately declaring online in-play betting systems operated by several major bookmakers illegal. “It really isn't difficult, they just ... More

Top Daily Betting Systems for Tuesday

In the News: Gambling on Betting Systems and the Super Bowl The odds in all forms of gambling remain static and fixed, but people will employ any number of superstitions or betting systems in an attempt to defy these odds. As an example, the gambler's fallacy is the mistaken belief that, if something happens ... Daily ... More