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What is investing sport?

Before I learned to invest about sports, I was placing a big bet on the game that I wanted to know some more hit and a few other good looking games. To cap off the day, I want one or two small bets for shits and giggles site. I quickly learned that this is not a successful equation. It is the easy way to despair and to get ... More

Getting Started with Sports Investing and Handicapping

As information on the casual bettor's favorite team may not be readily available, the new bettor will have trouble getting involved in making profits. In comparison, you'll see a professional sports handicapper get very deep into the sports event. You see things through different angles trying to find an ... More

Sports Investing – part of American culture!

In colonial America betting on cockfights, horse racing and in many cases hand-to-hand fights were. This was occasionally done as a form of rest and sometimes as a means to learn. Every time a sport was performed someone was willing to position a bet. Betting looks like it's a part of American culture. Wagers, ... More