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What One Thing Makes You a Professional Gambler…

NBA DAILY RAW NUMBERS Slight lean towards San Antonio. I have to kick myself a little bit for not taking Miami yesterday following what our home favorite system pinwheels off of but got filtered out by 'day!=Monday.' That parameter is statistically meaningful; however, I asked a friend who knows NBA better than I do if it ... More

Sports Picks Results 5.6.2012

RESULTS 5.6.2012: +1.0% San Antonio -5.5 (1 unit) WINNER!Final Score : 102-90 More

1-1 (+4.5 units)

Looks like we are off to a really nice start. 1-1 (+4.5 units) +$890.00 For tonight take: Lakers -9 -110 (3 units) ($600.00) Spurs +3 -110 (2 units) ($400.00) Let's see if these Lakers can bounce back against a weak team after their streak breaker on the long road trip. More