How to Contact Us or Subscribe

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, please contact one of our office staff at therber2@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP. Unless we have a monthly, yearly or seasonal promo running, the regular price is $97 / month for all sports and raw numbers included…sign up here:

What is the minimum bankroll I should have to start betting?

We recommend a bare minimum of $500. The reason is because you should bet each plays starting out for 1% of your starting bankroll. Many books force a $5 minimum bet size limit.

What does purchase of your subscription include?

You’ll receive daily emails with official selections tracked off-site daily always before noon. In addition, you’ll receive your own login for the raw numbers found on the website plus additional member features such as systems and trends.

Who is the best handicapper?

As there is a massive amount of publicly available resources, the public is the best handicapper – it takes in the opinions of every possible source good, bad an even crazy. The lines posted here in the Las Vegas books or on the internet consist of opinions from Wise guys that bet thousands per game, to those crazy’s we mentioned who use horoscopes, insider tips, favorite mascot, and hunch plays. The public can predict winners at 54% on average in MLB; however, they’ll also be down hundreds of units (yes, hundreds…EACH). The betting atmosphere is now a different one that it once was when we started out, where we simply won by having a computer. Now, sportsbooks even try to keep up with it less and focus more on predicting what the public is going to do, and countering is with psychological traps. We just try to think the same way they do.

How long should I do this for to make real money?

Real gambling is a long term grind. We’ve been plus money for over 10 years straight. Not many can say that. Just because we go 15-0 or 3-12 with your first 15 predictions means very little. Don’t get too over confident or under confident. Each season we have big winning streaks. In the just finished Football season we had a period that we went 32-2…

What does my win percent have to be to make money?

A conservative estimate is 53.5%, but in many cases 52.5 to 53% will suffice to break even. So at 55% percent, you are looking good.

What is the win percent on RAW NUMBERS?

We are well clear of what it takes to break even, so we like to give out a broad array of selections that give YOU the option to take them all or filter them down….and any method you pick is almost 100% fool proof as the raw numbers hit 55-57% on regular plays and 58-63% on top plays.

Should I pass if [fill in the blank]?

Yes! Yes, when in doubt just pass. Forget what anyone says, the hallmark of a great gambler is one that has the discipline to pass and go out for a picnic with the family or just focus on your job or whatever else you do. The betting process, following our plays, should take you minutes…don’t over-think things. I’ve been there, that’s how I know this.

Should I do you units TO WIN or TO RISK?

All minus odds bets (such as Oakland -150 or San Antonio Spurs 3 -110) are TO WIN UNITS and plus odds (such as Oakland 150 or San Antonio Spurs 3 105) are graded TO RISK UNITS.

Was “-1″ or ” 1″ a typo? Did you mean “-1.5″ or ” 1.5?”

No. Those are not typos, they are actual bets. The -1 runline / puckline is essentially two wagers: one on the puckline/runline and one on the moneyline. The bets ( 1 or -1) can be calculated using the following -1 RL Calculator: http://www.procomputergambler.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/1RL-Calculator.xls

Do you give refunds or prorate?

No. Due to the nature of this service, we cannot and will not ever give refunds or money back. When you subscribe you INSTANTLY receive systems and trends that are worth every penny alone. Therefore, again, no refunds are EVER given and we also do not offer ‘guarantees’.


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