Systems FAQ

Over at KillerSports we sell an extremely user friendly Active PCG Systems Package. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Could I see a sample “System”?

Free Sample NFL Power System: *Since 1989, teams without a single win in the second half of the season are 50-18-3 (+3.24 ppg, 73.5%) against the spread . That’s 57-14-0 (80.3%) if you teased them and actually profitable on the moneyline as well even at just a 25-46-0 win rate due to the large return odds.

Where can I learn more?

Read our writeup about trend creation here: Learn More at Killersports

If the new systems product is useful, why wouldn’t you put those picks in your email?

It would just be redundant. My newsletter is about giving out my Top Plays that are derived by raw numbers + systems. Over the years, that is what people have requested and that I give out the “grind” in a different fashion. I am extremely happy with how things are structured. Everything, clean concise and transparent.

Isn’t this a lot of selections plus the raw numbers?

Never argue with being more informed. You can look at these as FILTERS just as much as you can “play on’s” You can use these gambling tools in a number of ways. The Systems are designed to work with the Raw Numbers beautifully and vis versa! They are independent from each other too so you could take fewer plays by taking a consensus between the Raw Numbers and the System. If you follow the raw numbers you could use the systems as a filter to narrow down what you’re picking and vis versa.

Where do I go to get the active systems?

You get a Killersports login and have access to our FULL 7 Sports Systems active database. It is very user friendly and no email is required.

Are these official selections?

No, think of this like the Raw Numbers. It is another gambling tool in your arsenal. You can use this to FILTER selections, to be selections of their own or as a STARTING POINT for your own sports handicapping.

Will records be kept?

YES, but only per system. We won’t keep record of cases where there were 4 systems active on one team and 2 active on another and what happened. Perhaps in the future…

Are these different plays compared to your official record plays?

Yes; however, they are and have been factors in my selections. I usually won’t go against them and they sometimes derive my official selections.

They’re like the raw numbers and completely transparent. You see the system when active and exactly what it is.
They are similar to the raw numbers in that, they are what I often use to derive plays.

I also make plenty of side bets personally using these systems…some of them I’ve been using over 10 years. This product is great though because now we can get a view of all systems at a glance and make much more educated betting decisions.

If I strongly disagree with the validity of any system may I petition?

Yes please do give me you input; on the other hand, I follow a STRICT paradigm for creating systems and they should therefore all be equally viable. Read our writeup about trend creation here:

So to clarify, this is something that you have to put some work into by doing your own research and running the systems?

Yes, this is my passion / hobby and career and something I LOVE doing: researching sports betting. I do it all day long.

This doesn’t just give you the picks correct?

Explicitly, what this does, is mothers all of my Systems I’ve used for the last 10 years. When any of those systems are active, it tells you so first; then you may click the given link and view exactly what the system is. From there you may use your own discretion on whether or not it is a “selection” or not. I consider any unopposed system(s) a selection of sorts and usually put money down in that case appropriately.

I made the purchase. How do I see your trends?

If you haven’t figured it out already:

Step one:
Decide which sport you’re interested in knowing about:
Let’s say NBA:
Click here while logged in:
(or from the Nav bar hit ‘NBA’ > ‘NBA Trends’

Step two:
Now you should see a matrix of buttons.
You’ll want to hit any of the following:
“PCG ats”
“PCG ou”
“PCG su”

Done. 🙂

Is it easy to see the games to pick each day? I like your current product as it easily lays out your selections.

YES. We have put particular effort into the user aspect of this. This is an EASY view of all active systems at a glance just like the Raw Numbers are easy to view in just 5 minutes or less.

I know your time is valuable and often limited, but there is also the issue of line movement. The market moves quickly and so must we! That is the main reason for having a fast, user friendly interface.

If i choose the monthly sub, thats a recurring sub, so reduced price will be available until cancellation, right?

That is fair. If you get the MONTHLY discount now, I’ll give you that so long as you’re on that plan. Not a problem.

When the systems are updated, I guess each day but do you know the approximate timing?

Nightly and they’ll update again throughout the day on an hourly basis.

Is it possible to see at glance for example how many systems pointed on one team or I must do it manually selecting each system and write down the team on each one?

Nope, all at a glance! You can see everything in just a minute or two. Fast. No waiting.

Being new to the trends here can you tell me or does it say on site what the line for the ats trends are or that we should take? or do we just take what is available when we login and see the trends?

After clicking on (for example): `show PCG ats` you will see active trends in a match up format.

After clicking on a team’s line (for example): ‘Lakers: 1 trend (359 – 249)’ you will see a list of the active trends.

Clicking on the English translation on the trend, in this case:
‘Sub .500 Road Team ATS: 332-229-14 (1.37, 59.2%) losing ats streak vs. plus .500 winning ats streak.’

You will see the game listing of the trend including the line for the active game.

What’s the number the precedes the win % in the ‘SU|ATS|OU’ record for any system?

When you click on a trend link you are brought to an HTML page giving a ‘dashboard’ of the trend.

The dashboard was designed by the pros at and
may take some getting used to.

Up top you have the SU (straight up), ATS (against the spread), and OU (Over/Under)
win-loss-tie records followed in parentheses by the average margin and the win percent.
The average line and total are also given.

So, to answer your question, the 0.53 is the average straight up margin for all games in the trend.

We also have a searchable discussion group that you might find helpful at:!forum/SportsDataBase