The Bottom Line Of Sports Betting

sports betting edgesTaking Edges

The bottom line in sports betting is not complicated. If you want to win, you will have to really work at it. Here are some insights into taking edges:

* Never bet on impulse.

How many times during the year does a bettor quickly scan a betting line, call his bookmaker and get into action? It is impossible to be successful by studying for 45 seconds and then betting basically on impulse.

* Always shop for the right price.

The biggest edge a bettor can have is to have more than one wagering outlet, and that is quite possible in this day of offshore bookmaking. You can look at 15 different lines from betting shops around the world (these lines are available through various on-line computer services) and see dramatic differences from one place to the next.

* Study, and understand, how/why you won or lost.

When a game is over, go back and look at the game and see if you won because your analysis was right, or whether your team shot 60 percent from the floor. What happened in this game will, to a certain extent, determine whether you use it in the next game.

* Do not be afraid to be a contrarian.

Most of the smart money bet in Las Vegas is on underdogs. Wiseguy bettors know the public jumps all over favorites, which means the lines are tilted, if ever so slightly, to favor underdogs. Wiseguys rule the betting market in Las Vegas and if underdogs are where they focus their at-tention, it would be wise for bettors to do the same.

* Have a comfortable amount of action.

Some handicappers like to bet just one game a day, while others are more com-fortable with four or five. Then there are some of the wiseguy groups who will bet 25-30 games on a busy day. Stick with what makes you comfortable.

* Never give too much strength to any single factor in handicapping.

Handicapping a single game is a puzzle of many pieces, and the picture is never complete until you puts each in its proper place. Never use a single factor — such as a trend — to determine whether a game is playable. Look at every single factor that can affect the outcome of a game.

* Never bet more money than you can afford to lose.

There is no guarantee the stock you just bought will go up, nor is there any guarantee the football or basket-ball wager you just made will win. Bet only the amount of money you can afford to lose. There is nothing more distracting than to bet over your head and then have to wonder how you will pay.

Handicapping sports can be a wonderful leisure activity which may or may not produce profits. But winning is a business and those who choose to approach it in a businesslike fashion have a legitimate chance to beat the game consistently.

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