The Chicago Cubs Game Insight

the chicago cubsTHE CHICAGO CUBS: No one can believe how awful the (currently 56-36 60.9%) Chicago Cubs have been after such a great start of 45-20 SU (69.2%) up until the 17th of June. We caught on early and rode the fade for a couple bets I think it was; however, now maybe we should reassess things. Here’s why:
  1. The Chicago Cubs are 3-1 since the All Star Break / start of second half of the MLB season.
  2. They won their game going into the Break
  3. Afformentioned game ended a massive streak of 22 back to back (no rest) games in which
    -they’d have another game the next day
    -59% of the game were tough ones (vs plus .500 teams)!
  4. The Chicago Cubs are a good team. They were 45-20 SU 69.2% prior to this nasty schedule starting.

Conclusion: The Chicago Cubs…

…went 7-15 SU (31.8%) during those extremely rough 22 games and lost backers and incredible amount of money and roi (-$1,848 and 73.3% roi to fade the Cubs! or -45.9% roi to back). They had to have been both tired possibly thinking about resting on some amazing laurels (a 45-20 69.2% SU team record) going into that bum streak. Perhaps management was thinking about pacing as well and getting the team back under the radar. Remember, the Cubs have traditionally been terrible and have the worst championship draught in all of professional North American sports history!
'Welcome to Wrigley Field' Chicago (IL) 2012Now this sort of paints a clearer picture! The Cubs are still a good team and I’m not really interested in fading them in the second half. I had this thought the day we went into all star break and their 4 games coming out of break confirmed my hypothesis.
We’ll see where the future takes the Chicago Cubs…

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