The Coveted .500 Mark Sports Betting System for MLB

MLB Sports Betting System

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Here is a powerful MLB sports betting system active for 6/1/2017. The barometer for any team in any sport that is below .500 is to reach for the bar, and get to the coveted .500 mark. It changes mindsets and the feelings of the players and coaches of a team. Going from a losing team to one that no longer is makes for a better atmosphere around any team. Today in the newsletter we will look at what happens when a team reaches that “mile marker.” One they had to fight for to get there.

This sports betting system revolves around what comes next when a team reaches a break even record…

You will notice when I display the parameters is that one of them is game number. That is an important inclusion. A team that gets to 3-3, or 8-8, hasn’t played enough for .500 to be a marker post in the season. So the question is, do teams that have to fight to get to .500, take a breath having gotten there? ….or….do they start to have a different feeling about themselves, and keep on winning? Let’s take a look at the parameters for this sports betting system:

1) Team is exactly .500
2) Had to win at least 2 in a row to get to .500 (won last 2 games)
3) They are a home favorite of less than -190 (meaning under -190)

That’s all there is to it, very simple very pure, the way I like it, and it answers the question.

These teams are PROLIFIC as they are:

102-36 to an average line of -139.6 raking in profits at a 27.2% ROI

I also have a ridiculous subset of this that is 72-7 (back fitted)

Both active on the:
LA Angels today

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