The Minnesota Vikings’ New Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings' New Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings' New Stadium

According to the Star Tribune, the Vikings and the city of Minneapolis have reached a deal to build a new stadium near the Metrodome. Take it away, Star Tribune:

“That deal was for a $975 million stadium to be built just off the east side of the Metrodome. Under that deal, the city was to contribute $150 million, the state’s share would be close to $400 million and the team would pay $427 million. The city was also to pay about $180 million in operating costs over the next 30 years, sources said at the time."

That’s an awful lot of money for the city and state to kick in, but at least the team is contributing a significant portion as well. At the very least this will quiet any relocation talk that has been bandied about in hushed tones in recent months and years. And since Shahid Khan has pledged to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville, the two teams most people had figured as likely targets for relocation to Los Angeles are seemingly off the board. That leaves the St. Louis Rams as the next most likely team to move, as they’ve been haggling with the city to upgrade their facility.

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