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Teaser half won pending Miami -1 in NFL tonight….and that’s the only thing we won in NFL except for Detroit on Thursday. Could have been worse. Check out this huge 52-0 win for the Rams though on this 3rd down parlay system: 310-93-1 (76.9%) SU wasn’t a bet, but just saying. I think I say it often, but I’ll say it again: My only goal is for you guys to be winning money and there are a lot of ways to skin the cat (raw numbers, systems, etc.). Anyways…
Nothing for today. Might pick up more in December.

Montreal and Anaheim come close.
Beware of San Antonio. If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that I like HUGE home underdogs which the 76ers are again today. By this system:
But don’t look now, we’ve got the following system coming close to having San Antonio as a pick (they cancel each other out): Read on….
I’m just saying ‘of the week’ because this is truly a good one and I want to convey that. If you’re not utilizing these systems I give out you’re not taking full advantage of this service. I highly recommend keeping the SYSTEMS in your back pocket.
Everyone read please
SDQL System Management Pro Tip: I have a trick to make things easy. First of all you can go to and purchase some credits to save these trends. They offer a very neat platform that helps you keep all of your systems neat and tidy. However, it is $2 per trend. I steep price I know ::cough cough:: — so here’s how you can do it for free: in your browser (Chrome for me) create a Folder called ‘NBA Pcg SDQL’ and bookmark NBA trends into that folder. Now instead of going through and clicking each one open, you can just (once a day), RIGHT CLICK the folder and select ‘Open all bookmarks.’ Try using the shortcut CTRL Tab to quickly run through the tabs and the Page Down key to get right to see if anything is active. That is the ultimate cheap skate way to do it, but I think Killersports offers us a fabulous product at a great price and you should consider doing it the proper way.
And now the system: This is an NBA ATS system. You could make it a moneyline parlay system as well, as it is over 73% SU.
Since 1995, Road favorites (no greater than -10.5 off of 3 or more straight games where they put up over 105 points now off of no rest (b2b) or 1 single day’s rest are an incredibly massive 179-99-7 (64.4%) ATS.
So what makes this system superior to the other systems I send out? Consider these things:
1. A 280 game sample size hitting at 64.4% ATS. That is a rocking +4.8 standard score!
2. Simple, logical. Low number of parameters. There are four in this one. We can do better than that though! Simpler is always better (less backfitting).
3. 14 out of 18 winning seasons and ALL FOUR of the losing seasons are marginal.
There it is folks. This is the magic. System is 4-2 ATS this season. We’ll see how this one does by the end. These are the little things that I don’t advertise, but just because I don’t advertise something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be capitalizing on it! 
Denver comes very close for today. Consider a small wager on them or pass.
Good luck,

(Last Update 12.1.2014)
NFL 2014: 32-28-2 +6.71 Units
NHL 2014: 23-11-4 +9.56 Units
NBA 2014: 20-12-1 +3.00 Units

NCAABB 2014: 0-1-0 -1.05 Units
NCAAF 2014: 35-35-0 +0.48 units
3811-3403-177 +609.74 Units
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