Top Super Bowl 2015 Betting Trends

Here are our Top Super Bowl 2015 Betting Trends…

Trends Favoring Carolina in Super Bowl 2015:

super bowl 2015 betting trends

  1. *Since 2002, Favorites off of 2+ straight games with a turnover margin of +2 or better are 180-52-1 (+7.8 ppg, 77.6%) SU up for the Panthers.
  2. *After week 3, a team facing a plus .500 team off of a win as a home dog is 118-59-4 ATS (66.7%)
  3. *Since 2009, a team off of a game with <=5.5 YPPA against team with >=8 YPPA is just 13-43 (23.2%) SU and 22-33 ATS

Trends Favoring Denver in Super Bowl 2015:

peyton manning

  1. *After week 14, teams averaging 11+ ppg are just 43-80 ATS (35%)
  2. *Overreaction to high scoring win. 2-16 ATS

Summary: our Super Bowl 2015 Betting Trends seem to favor the Carolina Panthers by a 3 to 2 margin. Close! Our Raw Number prediction will be out later this week on the game. Stay tuned…

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