Why do North American Athletes Deserve all of the Money they make?

***An excerpt and argument for the topic above from 3/6/2011


No college plays qualify today. I have one NBA plays.

#811 New Orleans Hornets -4.5 (3 units)

The Hornets only 4 and a half points to the Cavs? I have them marked at -6 points favorites at least (not to mention about 4 or 5 good signs the NOR is just a real under the radar sleeper team) on the card today. They've fallen down so far in the ranks, and now people think that basically just an average team is what they are. Personally I disagree…a lot. We've seen how hot the Hornets can be, and this is exactly the game they need to take advantage of to pick up momentum now, and rocket up the ranks. You'll see at this point on the wind down; I am going to treat these games as it I am the general manager of the team. With that said, a new thing I'll want to quickly check each day is: do I like our team's coach? Is he like me? Would he think the same way?

Okay boys…now I'm going to rant for all of you (FAIR WARNING).

Now about Cleveland…they are one of those wild card teams right now like Denver. You're not really sure what they are after. That definitely is something that holds this back from being a real bigger top play, but the fact is:  Cleveland is just in a spot where ANY team sort of needs a little R&R…to elaborate. I want to quantify…ehrm how much a team should be giving a shit. 🙂

When a team goes hot (feel free to debate this) my perspective is that it is general nature of these pros to sort of kick it and when things get close the scale tilts away from them and they are okay with that.

The line of thought is: "well we have impressed." NBA is a show really in the end (and of course a business SHHH..duh). These players are ego maniacs. Let's face it.

Take a team like the Spurs; they top the league…yet they can be relatively boring to watch. Do you love them or do you hate them for not giving you dumb entertainment….which I'll stand by as being something that is good for your health. What do I know about that though NBA is a business, and players sometimes think more about themselves than the overall picture…and to be clear: I am NOT judging that. The Judge had an excellent write up on his site. One of the best arguments I've heard for why Pro Sports professionals DO DESERVE their "outrageous pays." Sports are an American pastime (along with smoking Tobacco and gambling), and with all of the negativity in Washington and on Wall Street; I personally feel that these guys deserve ever dime.

They help us all forget about the Washington boon dangle/gridlock/strife that surely needs to be sorted out and fast…give us that dumb entertainment we all need to find that sought after yin-yang balance. Now if you read the Judge's article: and I am going to need him to give me the link again because I can't seem to find it right now…the bottom line is that the life expectancy of retired athletes is just so much lower than the average American who lives a life of normalcy, and yet people seem to think that sacrificing quite literally half of average life doesn't mean anything! My point is that they are by no means underserving, in fact the opposite. What North American athletes do and sacrifice for us is noble. I could go on; I'd love to hear some of your thoughts in open forum. The best way to do it may actually be to go and post on Steve's article or if he allows me I will post it up on my site. In the meantime, think about this issue, and if you have something to say.

Good luck today fellas,

Record Last Updated 3/6/2011

MLB 2011 Spring Training:
Record: $1,992.40 (3/6/11)
from $2,000.00 (2/26/11)
16-21-1 43.24% (-0.70 units)

NBA 2010-11 Season:
Record: $2,941.80 (3/6/11) from $2,000.00 (11/17/10)
83-66-4 55.7% +47.09 units 
CBK 2011 Season:
Record: $2,117.40 (3/6/11) from $2,000.00 (1/19/11)
63-52-2 54.8% 5.87 Units

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