Wizards Snap the Road Streak and Stop Double Digits for the Cavaliers

Possibly my favorite win of the season so I'm posting this one. Felt great to call the Wizards to get their first win on a historically bad road record. Here was our write up from today:

"[811] Washington Wizards +1.5 over the Cleveland Cavaliers (3 units) WIN

Seems like a hard bet to take (this is the one I thought might be a shocker). The Cavs just got their first win in 26 games. Crack open the champagne and celebrate…and make them favorites the very next day. I've been waiting for a spot like this to play the Wizards; they are 0-25 on the road, and wound up like a coil about to snap. Cleveland may not see the Wizards coming. False dogs here. Hope they pick up their first road win today. It has got to happen. I'm just glad we haven't been chasing 25 Wizard road games! I bet there are people out that have chased Cleveland and Wizards on the road to their last penny. You guys know how I capitalize on the head game victories. Well if the Wizards lose this one AGAIN on the road they are going to look worse than the Cavs. Washington can play some ball. I know that…should be interesting."

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