World Series Bet Wins…

*NBA starts today. As usual, I recommend passing or limiting risk early season. Wait about 20 games in until going full units to give the Raw numbers a minimum amount of current season data. In the meantime, as usual, I’ll post what qualifies prior to about the 20th of next month (where we should be rocking).
Today’s Action:
8:05PM New York Mets (M. Harvey) vs Kansas City Royals (E. Volquez)

Kansas City Royals +101 
1 unit
*Raw Numbers are 22-6 +19.55 units in the playoffs since 2003 with line of -200 or less
The Royals make the mark of being a “Basic” by just a hair, but a solid system is active with them today (one that I emailed on its own):  1. Playoffs 2. Dog off of a win 3. Road dog of +110 to +140 3b. OR Home dog of > -110 64-30 +46.71 +49.4% roi SU. up at +47.73 units now.
Nothing qualifies for today, but it looks like New Orleans +2.5 will for tomorrow depending (lightly) on what happens in their game today with the Warriors.
Again though, and I’m going to say this until I’m seeing the raw numbers making calls that make sense with current season data, tread lightly early on.

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