World Series Bets 2-0 Now…

*NBA started yesterday. As usual, I recommend passing or limiting risk early season. Wait about 20 games in until going full units to give the Raw numbers a minimum amount of current season data. In the meantime, as usual, I’ll post what qualifies prior to about the 20th of next month (where we should be rocking).
Nice win on the Royals last night…
Today’s Action:
8:05PM New York Mets (J. deGrom) vs Kansas City Royals (J. Cueto)

Kansas City Royals +121
1 unit
I’m a bit shy on this one because The line being > than it was yesterday I think throws people off + Johnny Cueto was 15-17 -7.6 units this season. He’s bucked up though now 2-1 +1.00 unit in the playoffs looking like a whole different pitcher. Team off of a win in the World Series where the line is greater than what it was in that game are 20-17 +5.91 units SU. A home dog off of a win in the world series is 5-2 +3.89 units SU. The public fade, historically, checks out… 
This one is a gut twister, but I think the books know that people will be doubling up on the Jays here. I’m going with the value, playoffs experience and public fade: over 70% of the bets are on the Mets right now!
Lots of good systems active on this including our main playoff system (check them out at killersports).

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