Yesterday’s Results and Late Season NBA Trend

Multisport Three Teamer (NBA + NHL)
#010 Ny Rangers ML (NHL)
#014 Boston Bruins ML (NHL)
#818 Phoenix Suns ML (NBA)
(0.29 units to win 1 unit) WINNER!
*Two Basic Raw Number Projections for the Rangers and Bruins.

*Those are 153-75 +47.01 Units this season*

*I like the prospect of the Rangers locking up the #1 seed with an easy win here. Why not?
I’ve said before, improving a team’s seed vs. a team without playoff implications is a lucrative method.
*Boston has an 81.9% chance to get into the playoffs vs. a terrible Toronto team completely OUT of the race.
I’ll back that…
In Phoenix:
I wouldn’t look too hard for reasons a team may or may not play in a game. Logic almost seems to be a pitfall with late season betting in professional sports.
A good example is Golden State tonight. We have a boat load of systems on them, but no one really can stomach betting for a team that has locked up a number 1 seed and has no where to go. The line is small and I would normally like Golden State there. Alas, the raw numbers are going the other way so we’ll pass; but, just an illustration.
55-117 ATS System Active AGAINST the Jazz (facing Phoenix)
245-350 ATS System Active AGAINST the Jazz (facing Phoenix)
An interesting thing to consider is that the Suns are right on .500
Does finishing a season above or below .500 matter to a team? Hmm. I won’t say yes or no, but consider this:
*Since 1995, teams that are EXACTLY .500 that got there off of a loss go 42-26-3 (61.8%) ATS in the last month of regular season.
Now that’s interesting!
We don’t have anything for the final four.
Everyone wants to bet these two games.
If I had to lean, it would be Kentucky, Duke and the Under for Duke and Michigan State.
Kentucky is the one that interests me most.
Most of the public is taking Wisconsin
Kentucky is an undefeated team with value now.
Sometimes it is that simple. The line is down from -5.5 to -4.5 – anyways, my gut says the favorites and raw numbers say value on the dogs so we’ll see.
See above…

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