2-0 Day in CBB

George Washington554:00 PM ETRhode Island -2.51.00
Rhode Island59   WINNER!
Vanderbilt584:30 PM ETTexas A&M -4.51.00
Texas A&M69   WINNER!
Here are my top two for today currently out of a number of possible selections for today (basics). I think it would be reasonable to take all of them considering how many games there are.
I like Rhode Island the best out of the bunch:
So far over 90% of the bets are on George Washington…
*This season, GW doing a very poor job in the following areas against opponents like Rhode Island:
*Take aways
Rhode Island on the other hand is has been playing great defense against other tough teams, not allowing take aways and creating take aways AND doing a good job with offensive rebounds.
Rhode Island hasn’t don’t well getting the points up there, but I think that with strong defense and the ability to rebound offensively this one is easy.
GW is 3-5 on the road this season struggling….their last one a 72-48 blowout loss.
*This season, George Washington is just 1-9-0 ATS against plus .500 teams. They not as good as their record indicates.
Technical play on Texas AM; raw numbers are insane; we’re just following them here mostly.
Passing. Nothing for today.
NY Islanders +111 come close.
Should gain value prior to gametime.

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