I paid just $199 for a month of the service and in my first day I made $206.75 doing $50 bets. I thought that I bet small, but the roi here is so huge the cost of the service is completely negligible. This service is worth every penny!


The mere fact that I have been a member for 1.5 years speaks volumes to Tom’s service and professionalism. I have experimented with other services in the past and PCG is by far the best service out there, not to mention the rock bottom price! Toms in depth write ups and wealth of information he gives out is top notch. I have learned so much and have now built my own set of systems using the information Tom provides. The new raw numbers deal along with the system plays is straight cash money! The best part is Tom is very open to communication and will often respond within 1 day of any questions or concerns and is willing to even help people one on one with money management and units risked. Remember this is a long term investment and you will make money if you follow proper money management. I am looking forward to the MLB season along with the system plays that compliment the raw numbers quite well. Tom you truly are first class and so is the service you provide! Thanks and keep it up.

Ryan Simpson

Thanks for providing a service that everyone involved will benefit from at a reasonable price. I can only imagine how much work you put it and it shows through your communications. I've been working most of the season on just a single model for NBA totals and it's been a ton of work, but good learning and very interesting. I can only imagine how much it is to do for multiple sports. I appreciate your non-tout like speak and you talk to us like your friends and not like a salesman making a pitch. When things are down you don't avoid it and remind people that it's not a race and when they're good you remind people to be smart. I live in Nevada so I'm all to familiar with this and have learned some hard lessons playing BJ. Your honesty is very apparent through your communications and that is a big positive for me, because although I've always prided myself on doing this on my own it can never hurt to have the assistance of someone more "involved" in the industry that myself. I'm sure the knowledge you share will be priceless in the future as I become more adept. Just know that you're work doesn't go unnoticed and I'm sure everyone feels the same. On to baseball, which to me is probably the most work for a capper [IMO], so I'm looking forward to following this season.


Since the day I joined I have felt very confident in the service Tom provides. I have been through many systems and cappers, none come close to Tom's professionalism. Stats are updated daily no matter how many units are won or lost. This is a service you can trust! I never write testimonials, but I thought i just had to write something to convince others that this service is far better than any around at the moment and ONLY $25 A MONTH! Please give Tom a go and you won't be disappointed!


i was a dealer in a casino (black jack, roulette, let it ride poker and caribean poker) from 1995 to 2000, since then i was in finance (stockbroker from 2000 to 2007) then VP investors relation for a small relation firm here in Canada. Since 2 years i was dealing texas holdem and i like that a lot, so since friday i deal texas holdem at the new poker room here near montreal named playgroundpoker. You can view our poker room at playgroundpoker.ca it was the opening last friday and they form the staff but a lot of employee never deal poker before so they want to get their most experienced dealer at the beginning…thats why i deal 45 hours from friday to sunday and i restart tonight….

Mike D

Hey Tom and DA Judge, Betting is a marathon and not a sprint. Like the stock market longterm goals are needed. Besides giving out winning selections I enjoy the writeups which I have used in my fantasy football leagues. Another key factor in subscribing is that I can email Tom anytime and he will answer back in a timely manner. Win – Lose or Draw. Most handicappers only reply when they have a winning day. I have all the confidence in these 2 gentlemen. It should be a GREAT 2011. - Let the games begin…….mike domin

Steve Hopkins

With no time and not enough money to actually learn the stock market or invest properly, .5% LOSS is the best I can do right now. It’s sad, but CDs, Bonds, and most stocks are worthless right now. My savings is too. BUT… that is why I come to you! Your returns have been astounding and I anticipate your NFL picks would be too. The ROI in your systems out-porforms anything I have previously participated in and could currently work with. You’re simply amazing.


To Tom , I am a college student working two jobs to support myself and my tuition. A friend of mine got me onto your thread and i am a $20 per game bettor because that is what i can afford to play with. Your picks have made my life a little easier with the extra money i am making from gambling week to week. I don't have a lot to spare but do appreciate all your services have done for me. I also agree with your point that people shouldn't take advantage of something just because its free to them so I have enclosed a 50 donation, I wish it could be more but its what i can afford to spare. Please keep me informed as to what the cost will be of a membership to your thread or such forth as this the extra money i am making is helping pay the bills. Thank you and god bless.

Eric K.

Hey Tom, I do appreciate your work and time. I just stumbled on your forum on SBR this year. I want to thank you for the time and the picks, you have done well and like to follow you. I coach some sports teams and know how much time it takes to support many players and people, with very little support in return. It does get tiresome and understand where you come from. So, take this email for what its worth since we don’t know each other, but I’m glad for what you do and what you have done.


PCG has finally been a service that is LEGIT….no BS and no lies. His top plays are incredible as this year they are already 30-9-1 for 75%! And for $25 a month, you can't go wrong!


Tom's picks are amazing show me somewere else were you can make 50% on your cash every month, hes very professional in what he does and i have never seen anyone more accurate with picks. He is an MLB guru as well that will make you some SERIOUS cash! its an honor to have him share his picks with me

Varun Kallepalli

Hey Tom, I came across ur thread on sbr a couple of months ago n I’ve been tracking ur plays since. You are one of the very few cappers out there that aren’t full of shit and just let the picks do the talking. I especially love reading ur write ups on ur plays. U guys have been very solid in NFL n college ball over the last 2 months n I cannot wait for MLB to start next year. Tailing u guys in MLB = a lot of $$$ for me, really appreciate all the work u guys put in. Thanks guys!

N.W. Peters

As a litigator, I am, by nature, very cautious, particularly about where I put my money. When selecting a handicapper to play, it’s necessary for me to see their results with my own eyes, as the industry is littered with charlatans and snake oil salesmen promising winners, but unable to deliver. When I signed up for the PCG email service, I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t play their games at first, choosing instead to watch them from a distance, track their results, in order to determine whether the service would make for a wise investment. Wow, was that ever a mistake. PCG’s service absolutely blew the doors off, hitting at a clip I scarcely could believe — who on God’s green earth hits at 75% on top plays in college football over 42 plays in a single season? As someone who has been involved in the industry both as a gaming professional and a player, I can genuinely say that PCG’s service is unlike any I have encountered before. My first day playing PCG’s games was a massive 7-0 day in my pocket, as I completely cleaned up — those 3-unit college football plays are absolute gold. It’s simple: if you don’t add PCG to your arsenal of handicappers, you’re flushing money down the toilet. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.

Rich Moorehead

I challenge anyone to find a more consistent handicapper than Tom at Procompgambler. I have been doing this for a year or two now and believe that I have found the folks that can turn my bankroll from one grand into a new car, a new house, or an early retirement. It may take years to do so, but the consistent play from these two give me plenty of hope. I work 60 hours a week. I have no time to cap these games myself. For a few bucks a month, they allow me to keep my job and still make a firm investment for the future. Sure, you can find another capper who makes you money, but I guarantee they will put up one of those “100 dime game of the month” bet to make up for losses. This guy puts out 1,2,3, and maybe 4 unit bets and still make PLENTY of profit. That is the ultimate sign of success.


Just wanted to say what a great job you have done. You give great insight on games that you select and have helped me to become a better, more responsible bettor. Although everyday is not as easy as others, I am very confident with your picks and confident that in the long run, I will be up several units.

Trey h.

What I like about the PCG is he is very patient on selecting games and knows how to build a bankroll over time and not just the short run. PCG is not only an excellent capper,he also gives great advice that is extremely helpful and insightful, thanks PCG keep up the great work.

Sean Taylor

Tom has helped me experience something I never have before: winning at gambling. Thanks a lot and I look forward to more winning plays. As long as you will take my money in exchange for your pics, I will be a customer. $25 a month is incredible value for this service. Thanks again!

Craig McCracken

om is spot on with his service. Granted not all of his picks are home runs, but the winners far out weigh the losers ! I have had a lot of un and made some money using his picks. To me this service is far superior to other more costly services. This is definately a two thumbs up !


I have being following Tom’s picks for a while now and without a doubt he is one of the most consistent capper I have come to know. Out of a steady job for almost 2 years now, following Tom’s picks,I was able to make some extra cash for day to day use. Not only has he been excellent at picking games but his discipline and money management has taught me a lot and to look at sports betting as an INVESTMENT and not just gambling. I will recommend anyone looking for follow a good guy to follow Tom.

Chris Orsogna

A good gambler is one who uses what info he receives to make the best play available!! Sign up with Tommy and The Judge and they give u all the info u need to be a successful gambler! Follow their lead and u win consistently!!

Ben ("ABC")

haven’t pulled the string on actually betting on sports yet, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy getting your emails and insight every week. They are always a great read, very informative, and your methods are very intriguing. I’m one of those guys that needs to learn for myself before diving in and so far your emails have been very educational and I would like to thank you for that. I think there may be a lot of readers out there like me who do appreciate your mail even though we may not put it to proper use. Keep up the good work!!!

Adam McFadden

Been sports gambling for about 4 years now. I followed a lot of the "big" guys for a long time. While those guys just seem to selectively tell the truth about their record, Tom is always 100% transparent about his. And the record is actually good! Love the raw numbers system, I use that in conjunction with my own stuff. Top quality picks from a a top quality capper. Really don't understand how this service isn't bigger than it is. Great value, couldn't be happier.