Phillies To Turn it around With an ACE?

Ace - Roy Halladay

Ace – Roy Halladay

Let’s face it, the Phillies are having a humbling season. We’ve snuffed out a very emotional trend here today for the 2012 season that lends support to elements of our modeling: previous champions or teams off of close playoff defeats become a bit disheveled moving forward (this happens in multiple sports). Anyways, this season the Phillies are only 7-27 (-2.3 rpg, -27.22 units, +69.2% fade) SU and 5-29 (-2.9 rpg, -28.63 units, +57.3% roi) on the Runline after a 1, 2 or 3 run loss! Ouch; time to kick that poor morale today with an ace on the mound?

*Roy Halladay, in his amazing career, is a whopping 86-38 (+1.65, 69.4%) +13.7 units at home! Is he too ‘old?’ Only Roy knows (maybe the raw numbers have a say too though), but I’d say that someone might have something to prove here today. Subscribe today to get a projection on this game and see if any league systems qualify.

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