Preview: ATL Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals

The now imperfect (8-1 off of a loss to the now 3-5 Saints) head coach of the Falcon’s, Mike Smith is absolutely killer against sub .500 teams: 26-3-0 (+10.5 ppg) SU and 20-9-0 ATS. Add to that: with the Falcons, Mike Smith is another whopping 18-3-0 (+10.9 ppg) SU and 17-3-1 ATS after a loss. Combine the two: Falcons off of a loss (under Smith) facing a sub .500 team are a PERFECT 10-0-0 (+13.8 ppg) SU and 8-2-0 ATS.

We expect the Falcons to win by double digits here; however, the spread is smack dab right on -10! So why show you this trend? It shows you how hard the NFL is; more importantly, a team can look like a sure thing and really let you down by just a few points. Take the Falcons for -9.5 or better if you can or pass.

Think about two things:
-The Saints may be what the media says they are: terrible. So what does that make Atlanta? Hmm.
-The Falcons, terrible / average / frauded / whatever, simply put STILL don’t need this win.

Isn’t capping games fun? Stay tuned this week for our official selections. This is one we’ll pass on…

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