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A Money Management Betting System Strategy!

Here is an excellent article about a money management betting system -- written in 2011 by The 'Weatherwizard'. This might not be THE best way to do things, but it works for me. Let it be a starting point for you to develop your own money management strategy! A Different Perspective on your Sports Betting System: Let me ... More

Urgent – Paypal Servers are Currently Down

If you are already subscribed and haven't been billed, do not subscribe again. The reason you haven't been billed is some lag/technical difficulties PayPal is having. I'm sorry for any confusion this may have caused. One other thing: if you are new, and just signed up, please send me an email at support@proco... More

$50 Subsciption

$50 dollars a month...PayPal will handle that. I will get a notification of when I receive payment. If you are new, then I would like to go over the basics with you (money management mostly). If you are not new, but your earnings do not reflect our records (by a drastic amount), I would also like to refresh for you how to ... More