A 2-0 Wednesday

Game Result Status Pick Amount
Oakland WINNER! 7:05 PM ET NY Yankees -101 1.00
NY Yankees
San Diego WINNER! 7:05 PM ET Pittsburgh -132 1.00
Daily Considerations: LAA, BAL, CUBS/STL U7, PIT/SDG U7, JAYS
Overall these are now 21-14-1 +6.02 units
Passing on the double header would have saved 2 losses. Good thing we passed on one of them. Should have done both I guess.
That brings up…
(Just an aside ; doesn’t apply to anything today)
1. It is Double Header Game 1 or Game 2.
2. We Fade the Road dog off of any sort of road game.
3. Road dog lost by 4 or more runs last game.
This is particularly strong is it is game 2, but also profits to fade in game 1
In NY:
824-460 +182.05 units PCG-Killersports system active.
In Pittsburgh:
Two PCG-Killersports systems active against Padres.
824-460 +182.05 units PCG-Killersports system active for the Pirates.

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