2-0 Sweep Yesterday

For today:


Game Result Status Pick Amount
Atlanta WINNER! 4:05 PM ET Pittsburgh -170 1.00
Seattle WINNER! 7:15 PM ET Under 7 1.00
LA Angels
Daily Considerations: KC, CWS, SFO, MIN/MIL U8, CLE/BAL U8.5
Again, these extra ones are games I might personally take later, but don’t have the info on now.
*They’re all heavily supported by raw numbers.
*Later I want to see what Killersports systems of mine come up.
*I want to see where the smart money is.
*With Cleveland / Baltimore Under….right now the wind is STRONG where we want it to go and by gametime it should be STRONG straight from 1st base to 3rd which would be good, but you’d want to make sure that doesn’t shift later towards where a home run needs to go.
Daily considerations aren’t going to be recorded; it is my intention to offer a little something extra to help you guys see some money in your pockets.
Again, I’ll write up a guide which is more or less a list of filters you want to look at.
In Pittsburgh:
The Pirates look good with the raw numbers and I’m not seeing anything largely negative against us here. They’ll always be something though.
We have some good Killersports systems supporting this one as well:
Both systems hot; together they’re now up +5 units.
In LA:
19-14 +4.30 units this season on RN Under basics.
Richards is 5-1 for the Under against Seattle
Happ is 3-0 +3 units for the Under against the Angels.
Head to head, the Under is 26-19 +4.1 units since 2013 when these two teams have played each other.

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