A Perfect CFL Season Continues…

Yesterday goes to show you: everything can add up (or at least a very huge amount of things) and it can all still go wrong.
I plan to go back and watch the Angel’s game to snuff out what may have gone wrong, but I’m pretty sure I already know: Scoscia didn’t get the team competitive fat and happy off of a long string of wins (as I pointed out yesterday). Do you pass in a situation like that where you have so many good things going for a bet, but there’s a chance they’ll let you down? Regression is too hard to call so the answer is to stay consistent with what you’ve been doing: be that, grinding it all, or safely passing. That’s all there is to it.

MiamiWINNER!10:10 PM ETSan Diego -1251.00
San Diego

We have a 289-148 +72.9 unit System Active on this one as well as solid raw number support.

We’re looking for a well rested starter as a favorite (between 10 and 20 days rest). He was held back a turn. Isn’t fresh off the DL; didn’t go on the DL.
*Make sure Justin Upton (left field) plays for San Diego. He’s “probable” at the moment. You’ll want to check that closer to game time.
That’s it for today.
Daily considerations: CUBS, STL
*Note: In July, massive home favorites between -350 and -260 are 37-10 +7.75 units…a winning spot, but one that deteriorates into one of the biggest trap spots in sports betting late in the season. Just a heads up there.
3-3-2 on all CFL raw numbers last week, but we picked the right ones.
Perfect 5-0 on the season. Let’s try to continue that…


TorontoWINNER!10:00 PM ETToronto +31.00
BC Lions



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