Bills Finally Beat the Patriots!

Did the Bills just beat the Patriots??

BUF | NE Boxscore

Bills are now 3-0; the Patriots now drop to 2-1.

The Buffalo Bills have not beat the Patriots in 8 years. In Week 17 of the 2003 season Buffalo revenged a 31-0 beat from the Pats that same year (in week 1) win a 31-0 beat of their own in the who-gives-a-shit week 17. Before that, it hadn't  been since Week 10 of the 2000 season (16-13 squeak by win) that the Bills had beaten those pesky Patriots. It finally happened! Granted, the Bills only squeaked by here too…well let's see. The Bills face the Pats again in the 2011 who-gives-a-shit week 17, but I think Belichick will give a shit their!. I smell a NE 40-0 beat that week. No one holds a grudge like Belichick!

See these sweat pants? Look out in week 17 ya damn Bills!

See the sweatpants? The Bills are without a doubt skrewed in Week 17, but it may not matter if they have the playoffs in their grips. Nothing says, "want a cookie" more than taking a big 40-0 beat and it not caring. Join the Bills bandwagon! I'm kidding; I wonder what the action will look like next week for the Bills over the Bengals. I smell a POUNDING from the Bills like anyone else. The problem: that is one real square thought. I'd normally expect a line like +1 Bills but it will probably be much higher now. Cincinatti is terrible. Public may take another win there. 2011 has been the year for the public; the books are doing alright, but aren't really pissing on any graves.

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