Super Bowl Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers 20-19 over Packers

 [101] Pittsburgh Steelers +2.5 +109 over the Green Bay Packers (1.5 units)

This wraps up our NFL season. Last year I took the New Orleans Saints as a very small play. This year I'll do the same on the Steelers. You can read how I deal with big games like this in a little more depth there.

I bring up the old post there for you to read to save me some typing. This one reminds me a lot of the Saints game. Real sharp line, and I think that it is a crap-shoot to go real heavy into this game. What I have though are the Steelers to pull an "upset" over the Packers. I am projecting a close 20-19 win and a pretty good lean towards the UNDER as well.

A big part of this game may come down to the run game, and it will either be great to watch or extremely disappointing. Keep in mind, this run game the Packers have going was put together last minute. I wonder if the Pro Bowl break is good or bad for the Packers new found focus on the run. Pittsburgh on the other hand will take full advantage of the rest period they need it a bit more. If the Packers don't keep up an out of no where run game we have a very one sided game on the ground.

In their last 5 games going into the Super Bowl the Steelers are allowing only 2.7 yards on the ground, and picking up 4.1 yards compared to the Packer's 5.1 and 3.5 (respective). I think that this game will be close enough to cover a couple points. An alternative way that you might play this if you have +3 available to you is this:

Pittsburgh Moneyline (0.77 units to win 1) along with Pittsburgh +3 (1 units to win 0.8 units). IN OTHER WORDS: take Pitts on the moneyline to win SU, and just a hair more on the pointspread to cover a loss from what you risked.

If you have Pittsburgh +3 available this is really the better option in my opinion…it just isn't as widely available, and I do not suggest buying any hook.

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