What to Bet on the Fourth of July

One thing the Fourth of July does is bring in the home crowd. The Fourth of July is MLB’s big day of the year where everyone is off work and looking for something to do. Add to the appeal of going to a baseball game, there are usually post game fireworks. So what profits on the Fourth of July?

Hmm. Let me take a guess? Something revolving around betting the home team?

Ding ding. The home team has gone 102-61 +30.26 units, +13.8% roi for a 62.6% win rate on the blind on Fourth of July!

Avoiding final games of series, very high and very low totals plus staying away from night games past 9:00PM where the home crowd might not be showing up in bulk brings this to a whopping 71-32 +36.36 units, +26.5% roi, and a 68.9% winning clip.

This is a very clear and logical concept and system, but it isn’t as good as they come for us. Remember, we’re looking at just one day of the year and this could all just be variance. There aren’t many similar situations to consider either so if you decide to bet all of these, do so with caution.

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