Why You Should Take Your Chances Betting on Football

From September to February, football wagers reign supreme in the realm of sports betting. The beloved sports brings non-stop action to bookmakers every weekend, starting on Thursday night and ending on Sunday. During the five month season, bookmakers are writing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Two decades ago, football wagers added up to $25 billion a year. That amount has steadily increased, making football betting one of the fastest-growing big businesses in the country.

Since the 1980’s, bookmaking has undergone some major changes. There was a time when organized crime controlled bookmaking, but these days it’s businessmen, accountant, and lawyers, men from well-educated backgrounds, who have taken over legal bookmaking in Las Vegas. The illegal subculture that once heavily influenced bookmaking has made way for a more clean-cut, business-oriented mainstream culture, and though illegal bookmakers are still a primary source of information, the new leaders in bookmaking take their tasks very seriously and have implemented a sense of security among the betting public. The football betting industry is now treated like the lucrative business that it is, with those in charge keeping an eye out for any unusual activity. The system is set up to be fool-proof, so that everyone involved in football betting is protected and satisfied.

It is now a fact that the makeover of bookmaking, which stems from the immense public interest in football betting, has led to a more secure and reliable betting environment. Contrary to popular belief, “game fixing” and other corrupt practices have been stamped out as organized crime has lost its influence. It might surprise you, but organized crime rings cannot compete with the highly-specialized bookmakers that have taken over.

If you are not convinced and are still worried about fixed games, consider this: the last thing bookmakers want is a fixed game. Why? Their entire business relies on the honesty and integrity of the games being played. Like all other businessmen, bookmakers want their product to as appealing to the public as possible. Most bookmakers are legitimate businessmen seeking to provide a valid service to the public. The incredible amount of money being put into sports wagers only proves this.

Football betting will only continue to grow in popularity. Don’t let anxiety over unreliable bookmakers keep you from getting in on the action!

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