PCG Sports Betting System Turns $4k into $9.5k Live Commenting Audience!

In August and September, You can check out our live forum free sports betting system selections thread where we are turning a $4k bankroll into a $10k roll here: http://tinyurl.com/h6kk5uh  Join us as we reach $10,000.00 in front of a very large, live audience. Today's Sports Betting System and Trends: The ... More

The Chicago Cubs Game Insight

THE CHICAGO CUBS: No one can believe how awful the (currently 56-36 60.9%) Chicago Cubs have been after such a great start of 45-20 SU (69.2%) up until the 17th of June. We caught on early and rode the fade for a couple bets I think it was; however, now maybe we should reassess things. Here's why: The Chicago Cubs ... More

Winning Sports Betting Systems Part II

Earlier today we posted a suggested play on the Detroit Tigers 112 on the road in our post titled, 'Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds.' The Tigers crushed the Indians 12-2! Here's another one for today: Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds Part II The Orioles are 12-5-1 OU since May 27, 2016 on the road ... More

Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds

Every week we post five or so winning sports betting systems active for the day and try to imply a suggested wager. Mostly for fun, but our record on these in stunning; over 59% now. Here's what we have for today: Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds OAK013: The Athletics are 21-6 OU when they blew a lead in their ... More

Top MLB Sports Betting System

I haven't done this in a while; today, I am going over over a year of performance of sports betting system and trends I put in my relatively new Trend Mart product that you guys get from my partners and me for a member discounted amount on the side of your PCG subscription. TOP PERFORMING MLB SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM ... More

Response to Reader: MLB ‘Handles’ Betting System

Originally Posted by royboymiami: Hey Herb Quick Question After watching the ARZ game where the underdog +100 won SU and the underhit -8.5 I saw the same exact line for Col v Marlins and I took Colorado +100 and under 8.5 BOTH HIT Do you ever see underdog lines that are simialr and have the same results at ... More

Daily Pro Computer Gambler News

5-0 Swweeeep! Baseball is heating up. Just cashed a futures bet too on the Cavs which I put in BEFORE Lebron went to Cleveland. Not sure if I emailed the suggestion out to you guys; pretty sure I did, but would take a while to dig up. Let me know if anyone else cashed on that too! Just one small play today: Note: ... More