3 Results for month: 05/2015

Road Divisional Underdog System

Sent in our daily newsletter: "Folks, I thought I'd share one of my systems I'll be putting into the Killersports Trend package (discount link: http://killersports.com/trend_mart?discount_code=PCG_yH6zz2&store=PCG ) that does particularly well in June coming up; I'll walk you through it. Keep this one in your ... More

4-1 Plus over Three Percent

NHL RAW NUMBERS Nothing for today. MLB RAW NUMBERS Game - Status Pick Amount NY Yankees - 7:10 PM ET NY Yankees +101 1.00 Tampa Bay -  to win NY Mets - 8:05 PM ET NY Mets +134 1.00 Chi. Cubs -  to win Boston - 10:05 PM ET Boston +114 1.00 Oakland -... More

1-0 Yesterday

MLB RAW NUMBERS Game Score Status Pick Amount LA Dodgers (W) 14 1:40 PM ET LA Dodgers -106 1.00 Milwaukee 4    WINNER!  to risk Arizona came very close today, but the big reason I wanted to bet them is because I have a 507-516 +89.58 unit Home Dog system. Looks like they've moved ... More