Road Divisional Underdog System

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I thought I’d share one of my systems I’ll be putting into the Killersports Trend package (discount link: ) that does particularly well in June coming up; I’ll walk you through it. Keep this one in your back pocket and try to avoid betting against it at a minimum.
The Broad Premise:
In Database History, Road Divisional Underdogs are 1612-2074 +69.3 units before July.
SDQL: AD and DIV and month<7 

There are two ideas / forces pushing this very broad dog system towards a profitable 50/50 coin toss:
A. Divisional game – Games within a division mean more and should be closer.
B. Before July – Favorites are money on the blind in July. It is the point in the season when win percents are most relevant. Before this time, the season is still of course up for grabs.
Tightening it up:
Sometimes it pays to keep things simple so you might decide to just keep this one on hand in its broad form.
I’ve noticed a few areas where this excels though:
1. In any scenario other than where the team just lost at home it is: 1473-1867 +89.26 units SU
SDQL: AD and DIV and month<7 and (p:AL or p:W)
2. It is currently series game 3. 483-560 +83.3 units +8% roi.
SDQL: AD and DIV and month<7 and series game=3
3. Eliminating low totals (total>7) goes 430-479 +95.6 units +10.5% roi.
SDQL: AD and DIV and month<7 and series game=3 and total>7
I think you can take this farther, but for our capping style it works a little bit better to keep things broad.
Every day this month, I’ll have the PCG discount link below if you’re interested in seeing what trends and systems like this one are active in our database:
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Tom Herbert”

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