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Giants Manningham: “Um, thank you Coach Belichick.”

New York Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham was asked during Monday night’s Super Bowl XLVI DVD what his reaction was when he heard Patriots head coach Bill Belichick tell his defense to allow Manningham to beat them on the Giants final drive. “&#8... More

Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Million Dollar Contract

In an anticipated move, the ‘Hawks have locked up their Skittles-loving superstar. Per multiple reports, the Seahawks signed running back Marshawn Lynch to a four-year, $32 million contract on Sunday. The deal also includes $18 million in guaran&#116... More

Cubs Might Start Winning?

It didn’t take long for Theo Epstein to lay down the law. At the Cubs Convention yesterday he stated, “ The organization would no longer tolerate players who enjoy the nightlife at the expense of getting a good night’s sleep.” This is s&#111... More

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-1 Runline Calculator -1RL Calculator

The -1RL is NOT the -1.5RL: The Money line and the Runline are two type of wagers offered by most books. The -1RL is something that you have to calculate yourself…most of the time. Some books do have this wager, and actually the ones that do essentially charge you a fee for putting it together. The -1.5 RL will ... More