Lakers, Jazz, Clippers

Last night's push was a real stinker!Take:Lakers -4.5 -110 (3 units) $600.00Jazz -7 -110 (5 units) $1000.00Clippers +2 (1 unit) $200.001-2-1 25% (+2.3 units) $460.00 More


1-1 (+4.5 units) +$890.00Take:Lakers -9 -110 (3 units) ($600.00)Spurs +3 -110 (2 units) ($400.00) More

Predicting the NBA: Player Efficiency Rating

Please read this man's word of wisdom."As any reader of this blog knows, I have an infatuation with John Hollinger and his Player Efficiency Rating (PER). Over the weekend, as I pondered how offense and defense balance in predicting NBA team regular season success (at a super awesome hip club of course) I decided to run ... More

1-1 (+4.5 units)

Looks like we are off to a really nice start. 1-1 (+4.5 units) +$890.00 For tonight take: Lakers -9 -110 (3 units) ($600.00) Spurs +3 -110 (2 units) ($400.00) Let's see if these Lakers can bounce back against a weak team after their streak breaker on the long road trip. More

San Diego St.

Take:San Diego St. -8.0 (5 units) $1000 More

Steelers Browns Second Half

Take:Steelers -7 -1101/2 unit size ($100)0-0 0% (+0 units) More

Baseball Picks 2010

Baseball Picks 2010 Hello Folks, This is where we'll be having our official free sports picks thread. Baseball Picks 2010 If you have followed me in the past you may know that I post my sports opinions in various locations so I had this idea to make a blogspot. Baseball Picks 2010 I intend to put my official sports ... More