ProComputerGambler Record is NOW +807.24 units!

Another 2 run win for the Red Sox and yet another win in NHL where we’re having an almost eerily high win rate on early season dogs after a solid runs sets us stable well over +800 mark now at +807.24 units using our propriatary Raw Numbers and Sports Betting Systems in NFL, CFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAB, and NCAAF! Congrats to all who are currently following, and thank you to the several who sent some very generous donations recently!

On to +900…

I didn’t think I’d be aiming for that so soon.

On to NBA.

Very very busy time of year for me (and I appreciate everyone patience as I crunch out 6 current running sports now); however, it never seems to fail: as we have more betting propositions, and therefore more opportunities to pass intelligently and let the winners come to us and not us to them; our win rate and ROI seems to skyrocket.
Take that premise to the bank:
As the betting public, foolishly diverts attention to early season NFL crapshoots and bankrupts before week 8, we’re having all of these golden opportunities to pick off the easy lines no one is looking at.
But as the seasons (NHL and NBA currently are the good exploits) progress, the square sports fan bettors will clutter the betting pool and its back to the rope. For now; enjoy the free money!

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