Some thoughts…

***Since 2013, raw number (p:ATSm) edges >=6  are 331 – 257 ATS for a 56.3% clip +61.15 units.
If you’re not utilizing the raw numbers that I provide, you’re possibly and probably missing a very large point of the service. Recently, I’ve found that a major reviewer of my site didn’t even know about the raw numbers (even though links to them are all over every single email every day, all over the website, and put clear and concisely on the Paypal sign up page when you first subscribe). The official selections that I provide are only half the battle and the raw numbers are the perhaps the epitome of this service. We’ll make slow stead gains for sure over the long haul, but just always keep in mind that the raw numbers are there for a reason: I try to be selective in the emails. I do things my own way BASED OFF OF the Raw Numbers. You could do better and I encourage you to try or experiment with some of your own systems. One of the great things, for me, about running ProComputerGambler is that you guys are very friendly with me. I regularly chat with so many of you and I humbly admit that I’ve learned a lot from you guys! You guys want me to do well and I want you to do well. I’ve said it before anyways: you don’t have to be the best at picking games. You just have to have the discipline and nerves of steel to stick to your guns through thick and thin and always remind yourself that the ups and downs don’t matter as in over 10 years, I’ve never had a losing year. I’ve had a few marginal years, but nothing a big time mutual fund wouldn’t lust over. I’ll not-so-humbly boast that THIS is precisely where I am useful: I can give you winners good enough to make money and guide you in a way that I know is a wise investment path. Lastly, and on the subject of not having to be the best one out there at calling winners; remember this: you might be able to call winners very well, but the Professional Gambler is just 1 bet better out of 20 than Joe Gambler. It is that smidgen of a difference that adds up over time.

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