Swept Best Bets today 2-0.

So much for “Dog month”!

Some of you are new. Last season I got absolutely hosed in September MLB and then did fairly well in postseason betting dogs in both situations. I’m wary of dogs this year; even though I’ve always preached September as the month of the dog.
I have a lot of theories on why dogs have struggling late season recently when prior to about 2012 they always rocked. I think the big one, for me at least, is that an extra wild card spot was added pushing all contenders to fight to the bitter end. A good move by the MLB probably, for business; however, it didn’t help me.
I’m neither privy to betting favorites (the train that seems cannot be stopped as I pointed out yesterday) nor am I to betting dogs this month. I simply plan to bet where I see value.
It is the beginning of the month and I just wanted to urge caution. In a way, this season will be uncharted territory which is a territory no good for betting. I’ll talk about this more throughout the month whilst bringing forth a system or two.
We made 10% on the season. You may want to take it back to half unit sized wagers until the playoffs.Your call. I’ll keep it around 1 unit. If you’re not sure, you can always email me; I’m always open to helping my clients out 1 on 1. Also, I’ll humbly admin that, in that process, I learn almost as much from you guys as you do from me!
Today’s Action:
7:05PM Cleveland Indians (C. Anderson) vs Toronto Blue Jays (M. Estrada)
[916] Toronto Blue Jays -188
1.25 units (Best Bet)
10:10PM San Francisco Giants (M. Bumgarner) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (Z. Greinke)
[914] Los Angeles Dodgers -114
1.25 units (Best Bet)
*All of today’s selections are supported by “Basic” to “Strong” Raw Numbers.
Yesterday, Baltimore wasn’t a “Basic” – the Rays were. That may have been the biggest goof up I’ve made this year and I hope that at least some of you guys caught it and passed. Darn…
In Los Angeles:
This is all about Zack Greinke. Check out these trends:
Now at 81-21 continuing to profit
Now at 52-3. I’ve been riding this one to the bank for a very long time now
Enough said really, but we’ve also got a hot 207-71 +98.98 units system active for the Dodgers…
In Toronto:
Five massive systems active. Log into the KSTrends service and click on “Show PCG ml” here:
All of the systems are running hot too. Here is one of them:
Best of luck today,
(Last Update 9.1.2015)
CFL 15: 13-8-0 +3.55 Units
MLB 15: 161-152-4 +9.38 Units
NHL 14: 61-37-10 +22.55 Units
4130-3736-195 +633.76 Units

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