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Another Winner Today…

MLB RAW NUMBERS Yesterday's 'Daily Considerations' went: 3-0 plus 2-0 on the top ones. KC W, SFO W, MIN/MIL U8 W I'll keep sharing these. I personally took them all late for a 5-0 day. Got a lot of good feedback on the idea of giving my leans that I may bet later out along with the official early picks. Someone also ... More

2-0 Sweep Yesterday

For today: SATURDAY, JUNE 27 Game Result Status Pick Amount Atlanta WINNER! 4:05 PM ET Pittsburgh -170 1.00 Pittsburgh - Seattle WINNER! 7:15 PM ET Under 7 1.00 LA Angels - Daily Considerations: KC, CWS, SFO, MIN/MIL U8, CLE/BAL U8.5 Again, these extra ... More

A Guide To Passing

I'm going to keep this article concise. In my time advising sports bets to my readers at 9AM-12noon I've learned a few things: 1. This is usually too early to make a call. 2. Better to place your bet later in the day after you've considered a much greater deal of information. Note: It has been my policy for over 5 ... More

Oakland Athletics Top Play Cashes

MLB RAW NUMBERS Game Result Status Pick Amount Oakland WINNER! 2:05 PM ET Oakland -147 1.00 Texas - This one is divisional, but not quite a "basic" I still like it a lot though. You might consider the White Sox today because they are a basic divisional side. I'm passing there ... More

The Spread Betting System

One of the best ways to work the Spread Betting system is to flat bet your unit size as you go along. Once you begin to understand Sports Betting, you can opt for a higher amount of risk, higher leverage, more money risked per trade, and hopefully begin to earn more money. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. But ... More

How To Keep A Clear Head While Betting

There is no greater challenge facing those who handicap basketball, or any other sport, than that of keeping a clear mind when everything is going wrong and the winners are few and far between. The most talented of handicappers can bite the dust in this psychological battle, where knowledge and know-how can be reduced to ... More

4-1 Yesterday

MLB RAW NUMBERS Game Result Status Pick Amount Baltimore LOST! 1:05 PM ET Baltimore -155 0.75 Philadelphia - LA Angels WINNER! 3:40 PM ET LA Angels -117 0.75 Arizona - Milwaukee WINNER! 8:10 PM ET Kansas City -140 0.75 Kansas City - San ... More